Jam Steel Industrial Group

jam steel company is a knowledge-based company was founded in 1390 in an area with 2850 square meters. JSC factory is located in the third industrial city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan and we have principle corporate office and headquarter in the downtown of Ahvaz city.

In the beginning we started their production by producing CNC machines. Then, we developed our work to design and Manufacturing different kinds of machines including CNC machine, oxyfuel-plasma cutting machine,wood milling CNC,laser cutting and carving machine as well as recycling advanced machinery which have been achieved by utilizing the young graduates and professional people.

Jam steel company intends to evaluate needs of industries, manufacture industrial machineries based on these needs by Iranian engineers for Iranian markets and export, take a step towards Iran's economic progress.


Jam steel is ready to provide different services for company’s customers in the following areas.

Reverse engineering

CNC machine manufacturing

Factory spare parts manufacturing

Recycling machines manufacturing